Respect self

Whole wiki setting

  • Accept consequences for personal actions
  • Adopt a positive attitude
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Be polite and use appropriate language
  • Be reliable
  • Do your best

Chat room

  • Follow staff instructions


  • Be seen to do the right thing
  • Enhance the wiki’s reputation
  • Your behaviour reflects on your reputation

Respect others

Whole wiki settings

  • Allow everyone to talk
  • Be considerate of others and their opinions
  • Be tolerant and cooperative of others
  • Follow instructions
  • Interact in a safe and positive way
  • Respect personal space
  • Show care and concern
  • Speak in a civil and controlled manner

Chat room

  • Acknowledge others viewpoints
  • Allow opportunities for learning
  • Allow others to speak
  • Be part of the team
  • Listen to others
  • Maintain personal space
  • Voice your thoughts in an appropriate manner


  • Greet community members in a friendly manner
  • Guide external personnel through the My home Australia wiki
  • Respect others values and rules
  • Show community members courtesy

Respect environment

Whole wiki setting

  • Do the right thing independent of supervision
  • Promote/foster a clean wiki
  • Report broken links, vandalized pages, spam pages to any administrator

Chat room

  • Maintain a spam/troll free environment


  • Do not vandalize other wikis


  • Keep your own profile clean

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